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Natural Gas Price Drops As Of New Year

The price of 1000 cubic metres of natural gas in Bulgaria will be by BGN 0.

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Russia EconMin: Forfeit Demand on Bulgaria over South Stream 'Unlikely'

Russia does not expect South Stream's demise to trigger any financial demands from energy concern Gazprom against Bulgaria, the country's Economy Minister Alexander Novak has argued.

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Die Presse: 'New Signs of Life' for South Stream from Bulgaria

The abandoned South Stream gas pipeline project could be renewed, after Bulgarian and Russian media reports that construction permits will now be issued, Austrian daily Die Presse wrote on Saturday.

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Too Early for EU Response on Bulgaria's 'Gas Hub' Idea - Commission VP Georgieva

EU will have a stance on Bulgaria's idea to build a gas hub at the Black Sea after a formal proposal has been prepared, EU Commission Vice President Kristalina Georgieva has said.

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Russia Asks Bulgaria to Issue South Stream Construction Permits

Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak on Friday urged Bulgaria to issue in timely manner all permits relating to the construction of the seabed section of the South Stream gas pipeline project.

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South Stream Transport Terminates Production, Deliveries of Pipes

The company South Stream Transportation notified all companies producing and delivering pipes for the halted South Stream gas pipeline project to terminate those activities, reports the Russian daily Vedomosti.

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No Talks Yet On Gas Hub At Border with Bulgaria, Turkey’s Ambassador Says   

No discussions have been held with Turkey about the potential construction of a gas distribution hub on its border with Bulgaria, Turkey’s Ambassador in Sofia Suleyman Gokce said on Thursday.

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Bulgaria Is Blameless For South Stream – MP

Bulgaria is not guilty for what happened to the South Stream project, Delyan Dobrev – former energy minister and current GERB MP told the BNT public broadcaster breakfast show.

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Energy Ministers of Bulgaria, Russia to Discuss South Stream over Phone

Bulgaria and Russia's energy ministers are to discuss South Stream over the telephone on Friday, Bulgarian officials say.

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Minimum Wage in Bulgaria Increases to BGN 380 by Mid-2015

The Bulgarian government approved the two-step increase of the minimum wage in 2015 at its meeting on Wednesday.

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Bulgaria, Serbia to Speed Up Work on Gas Interconnection Grid

Sofia and Belgrade will step up efforts to build the interconnector pipeline linking the two gas grids, ministers from the two countries have announced.

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Bulgaria to Send Delegation to Russia on South Stream – Minister

A Bulgarian delegation will visit Moscow end of this week to discuss the South Stream gas pipeline project, Bulgaria's Economy Minister Bozhidar Lukarski told journalists in Belgrade.

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Drilling at Bulgaria’s Khan Asparuh Block Delayed Until 2016

Hydrocarbon drilling at Bulgaria’s Khan Asparuh  Black Sea block will be delayed by up to a year due to the slump in global oil prices, the international consortium holding the exploration licence has decided.

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Bulgaria Sends Gas Hub Proposal to European Commission

Bulgaria has sent to the European Commission an official proposal for the construction of a gas hub on the territory of the country.

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Bulgaria’s Energy Watchdog Serves Corporate Interests – Ex Minister

Dragomir Stoynev, MP from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and former Energy Minister, has accused the Chair of the State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (DKEVR) of protecting the interests of power distributors.

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EU Receives Russian Confirmation of South Stream Demise

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak has told EU official Maros Sefcovic that Moscow will no longer pursue the South Stream project, the Commission says.

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Interconnectors 'Could Cover Bulgaria's Gas Needs,' BEH Says

Bulgaria's interconnections with neighboring countries could entirely meet the need of natural gas if the regular flow is disrupted, according to the Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH).

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Russian Duma Chairman: West Treated Bulgaria Like Colony

The Chairman of the Russian State Duma Sergey Naryshkin said that the West had treated Bulgaria as a colony in case of the South Stream pipeline, not respecting the country's economic interests.

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Westinghouse Advertises Project for Kozloduy NPP Unit 7 to Bulgarian MEPs

US-based Westinghouse Electric Company has presented a project for the expansion of the Kozloduy nuclear power plant to the Bulgarian representatives at the European Parliament and to EU policy specialists.

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Ex Energy Minister: Bulgaria Should Stop ‘Playing Ostrich’ over Shale Gas

Delyan Dobrev, former Energy Minister and MP of center-right party GERB, has insisted that it is time Bulgaria stopped “playing ostrich” as regards shale gas.

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Turkish FM Declares EU-Backed TANAP Pipeline Priority Project

The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced that the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP), part of the EU-backed Southern Gas Corridor, is the priority project of Turkey.

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