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Wildfire Rages Near Bulgaria's Boboshevo

A wildfire has been raging near the village of Sopovo, located in the municipality of Boboshevo in western Bulgaria.

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Wildfire Forces Evacuation of 10,000 Campers in southern France

Some 10,000 holidaymakers had to leave three campsites in southern France on Monday due to a wildfire, thelocal.

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Wildfire in Bulgaria's Rila Mountain Contained

A wildfire in the Rila Mountain in Southwestern Bulgaria has now been fully contained, the local firefighters' service says.

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Bulgarian Cameraman Drowns While Trying to Rescue Teenager

A Bulgarian cameraman drowned on Sunday near the Black Sea resort of Albena while helping a 16-year-old girl out of the water.

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Forest Fire in Bulgaria's Rila Mountain Mostly Contained

The forest fire in Bulgaria’s Rila Mountain has been contained from three sides, the blaze continues only on the northwestern slopes, Nova TV station reported on Sunday.

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No Casualties After Helicopter Crashes in Black Sea Near Bulgaria's Tsarevo

No people were killed or injured after a helicopter crashed in the Black Sea near the beach of the Bulgarian town of Tsarevo on Saturday.

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Lifeguards Save Eight Foreigners From Drowning in Bulgaria's Zlatni Pyasatsi

Lifeguards have saved eight foreigner tourists from drowning in the Bulgarian seaside resort of Zlatni Pyasatsi (Golden Sands) by noon on Saturday.

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Wildfire Raging Above Bulgaria's Rila Monastery Spreads Further

The wildfire raging above the Rila Monastery in southwestern Bulgaria, has spread further overnight.

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Bulgaria Fights Wildifires  

More than 40 new wildfires have occurred in Bulgaria over the past 12 hours as a result of hot summer weather, strong winds and human neglect of fire safety rules, BGNES reported on Friday afternoon.

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Bulgaria's Harmanli Declares State of Emergency Due to Raging Wildfire

The municipality of Harmanli in southern Bulgaria declared on Thursday a state of emergency due to the wildfire, which has been raging in the region for a second consecutive day.

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German Tourist Drowns in Bulgaria's Slanchev Bryag

A German tourist, aged 32, drowned in the Black Sea off the Bulgarian resort of Slanchev Bryag (Sunny Beach) on Tuesday.

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Child Goes Missing in Danube Near Bulgaria's Ruse

A child has gone missing in the waters of the Danube river near the Bulgarian city of Ruse on Tuesday.

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Intoxicated Swedish Tourist Died in Bulgaria's Slanchev Bryag Resort

A Swedish tourist died in Slanchev Bryag after falling off a hotel balcony late Wednesday evening.

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Abandoned Children in Spain Now Safely Back to Bulgaria

The group of Bulgarian school children who visited Spain and were left to find accommodation by themselves, arrived safely in Sofia on Tuesday evening.

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Cargo Ship Got Stuck Along the Danube River

A cargo ship named ‘’Sredna Gora’’ that is currently owned by the Bulgarian Marine Administration (BRP) got stuck along the Danube River in the region of Svishtov.

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Germanwings Plane Performs Emergency Landing in Sofia

A Germanwings plane bound for Turkey landed at Sofia Airport on Sunday after suspicions it had been struck by a "bird", the BGNES wire service reports.

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British Tourist Tried to Kidnap Baby in Bulgaria's Slanchev Bryag

A 31-year old British tourist tried to kidnap an 11-month old baby in a stroller from its mother in the center of the Black Sea resort of Slanchev Bryag, as reported by the press office of the Bulgarian Interior Ministry.

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Bulgarian Children Abandoned by Tour Firm While on Holiday in Spain

A group of Bulgarian schoolchildren visiting Spain have been accommodated in a refugee center after being abandoned by the tour operator which brought them there, the public TV reports.

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Fire Causes Death of Two People in Downtown Sofia

Two people have died during a fire in a residential building located in the very center of Bulgaria’s capital Sofia, as reported by Darik radio.

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No Risk for Bulgaria from Forest Fires Around Ukraine’s Chernobyl

Forest fires in the exclusion zone around Ukraine’s closed Chernobyl nuclear power plant haven’t led to a rise in radioactivity levels in Bulgaria, the Interior Ministry in Sofia said on Thursday.

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Bulgarian Ambassador to US Says Was Subject to Hack Attack

Bulgaria's Ambassador to the US Elena Poptodorova has said her mail address has been "hacked" as part of a scam.

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