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Sofia-Karlovo Passenger Train Derails, Nobody Injured

The locomotive and two cars of the passenger train Sofia- Karlovo derailed at the railroad switches leading to the Stryama railway station on Sunday morning.

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Six Bulgarians Held Captive in Sudan since Jan 26 Released

The six Bulgarian aid workers, who were held captive in Sudan since January 26, have been released.

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Bulgarian Helicopter Crew Remains Captured in Sudan

The six Bulgarians working for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), who were captured by Sudanese insurgents on Monday, have still not been released.

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Captured Bulgarians in Sudan Expected to be Released Soon

It is expected that the six Bulgarian citizens that had been captured by insurgents in Sudan should be released on Thursday or Friday at the latest.

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Bulgarians Held in Sudan 'Not Taken Hostage' - FM Daniel Mitov

The Bulgarian citizens held in Sudan are alive and well and are not taken hostage, said Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov in a speech at the Bulgarian National Assembly.

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Bulgarian Helicopter Crew Captured by Sudanese Rebels

Six Bulgarian citizens were captured by members of the ''Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North" (SPLM-North) on Monday.

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Turkish Tourist Suffers Injuries While Skiing in Bulgaria’s Bansko

A male Turkish tourist has been taken to hospital in Razlog, in southwestern Bulgaria, after suffering severe injuries while skiing in the nearby resort of Bansko on Saturday.

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AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Crashed Due to Ascending Too Fast

Indonesia's Transport Minister Ignasius Jonan announced on Tuesday that the crashed AirAsia plane climbed too fast before stalling.

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Fourteen Wounded in Bus Attack in Tel Aviv

An attacker has stabbed fourteen people traveling in a bus in central Tel Aviv, Israel's Embassy in Sofia has confirmed for Novinite.

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Man Dies After Falling in Elevator Shaft in Sofia

Man died after falling from the 14th floor into an elevator shaft in Sofia's residential quarter Serdika on Friday evening.

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Fire at Hotel in Bulgaria's Bansko Ski Resort Extinguished

A hotel in the ski resort in Bansko was on fire, with flames raging on  its 3rd and 4th floor.

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Missing Bulgaria Intelligence Service ex-Head Surprisingly Returns

Petko Sertov, the former head of Bulgaria's security service DANS, has crossed into Bulgaria from the Greek border, a news agency claims.

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Arson Attack Targets German Daily That Ran Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

A German newspaper that reprinted controversial cartoons from French paper Charlie Hebdo depicting Prophet Mohammed has been the target of an arson attack early on Sunday.

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CNG Cylinders Explode Near Bulgaria’s Razlog, No People Hurt

Cylinders containing compressed natural gas (CNG) have exploded at a de-pressurisation station just outside the town of Razlog, in southwestern Bulgaria, causing a series of blasts and a major fire, authorities said.

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Website of Bulgaria's Energy Watchdog Hacked

Hackers have taken down the website of DKEVR, the Bulgarian energy regulator.

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Bulgarian Telecom Vivacom Suffers Major Outage

Bulgaria's largest telecommunications company Vivacom suffered a major outage on Tuesday, leaving its subscribers without access to their mobile phones and the Internet.

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Search for AirAsia Jet Continues as Teams Find `Two Large Objects`

The teams searching for the bodies and debris of AirAsia flight QZ8501 found “two large objects” in the Java Sea.

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Rescuers Retrieve Black Box of Norman Atlantic, Fear for Further Victims

Firefighters and investigators boarded the wrecked Norman Atlantic ferry on Friday, after it had been towed to the Italian port of Brindisi.

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Minor Tremor Rocks Sofia

An earth tremor of low intensity rocked Bulgaria’s capital Sofia on Friday afternoon but no injuries or damage were reported.

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Italian Coast Guard Secure Drifting Cargo Ship Carrying Migrants

A coast guard vessel was towing to safety on Friday a ship with some 450 migrants aboard that had been abandoned by its crew and left drifting without power off Italy's southeastern coast.

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Search Resumes for Crashed AirAsia Jet’s ‘Black Boxes’

Weather at the suspected site of the crash of AirAsia Indonesia's aircraft has improved enough on Friday to allow the deployment of two ships carrying acoustic equipment to detect the ‘pings’ from the plane’s cockpit voice and flight data recorders, inter

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