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Turkey’s Pegasus Airlines Plane Makes Safe Emergency Landing at Sofia Airport

An aircraft of Turkey’s Pegasus Airlines safely made an emergency landing at Sofia Airport, Bulgaria on Friday afternoon, BGNES reported.

Society » Incidents | August 28, 2015, Friday // 15:48 | Viewed: 1365

2 Bulgarian Nationals Die in Car Crash near Serbia’s Pirot

Two Bulgarian nationals have died in a car crash on the road Nis-Dimitrovgrad, southeastern Serbia.

Society » Incidents | August 26, 2015, Wednesday // 13:26 | Viewed: 1574

At Least One Pilot Killed after Two Planes Collide at Swiss Airshow

At least one pilot has reportedly died after two small planes collided at an airshow in the village of Dittingen, in Switzerland’s Basel canton, on Sunday.

Society » Incidents | August 23, 2015, Sunday // 15:27 | Viewed: 1342

Road Accidents Kill 23 People in Bulgaria in Past Week

Between August 10 and 16, a total of 172 heavy road accidents took place in Bulgaria, claiming the lives of 23 people and injuring 222 people.

Society » Incidents | August 18, 2015, Tuesday // 16:04 | Viewed: 2429

Six Bulgarians Die in Heavy Road Accident Near Berlin

Six Bulgarian citizens – three men and three women were killed in a heavy road accident after a minibus and a truck collided near Berlin on Friday.

Society » Incidents | August 14, 2015, Friday // 23:42 | Viewed: 3238

Wildfires in Bulgaria Increase in Number and Area Affected

Wildfires have burned down 952 hectares of forest in Bulgaria in the first 14 days of August, a sharp increase over the same period of 2013 when the weather was also hot and dry, the Agriculture Ministry said on Friday.

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Fuel Tanker Hangs off Bridge on Bulgaria’s Hemus Motorway

A fuel tanker has overturned on Hemus motorway near Sofia with the truck cabin hanging from the edge of a bridge over Vitinya pass, bTV station reported on Thursday.

Society » Incidents | August 13, 2015, Thursday // 19:56 | Viewed: 2935

Strong Blast at China Port City of Tianjin, Dozens Injured

A strong explosion rocked the port city of Tianjin in northern China on Wednesday night, shattering windows and sending dust dozens of metres into the air, Xinhua reported.

Society » Incidents | August 12, 2015, Wednesday // 21:53 | Viewed: 1128

Russian Tourist Drowns Near Bulgaria's Varna

A Russian tourist has drowned in a storm near the Black Sea city of Varna, media outlets quote Russia's Vice Consul as saying.

Society » Incidents | August 11, 2015, Tuesday // 15:59 | Viewed: 1982

Fire Near Bulgaria's Dragoman Contained

The fire, which has been raging in a coniferous forest near the town of Dragoman in western Bulgaria, was contained on Tuesday.

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Two Stabbed to Death in IKEA Store in Sweden, One Injured

A man and a woman have been stabbed to death at an IKEA store in Vasteras, in Sweden on Monday, the CNN reported.

Society » Incidents | August 10, 2015, Monday // 21:18 | Viewed: 1887

Israeli Tourist Drowns in Bulgaria's Slanchev Bryag

A 45-year-old tourist from Israel drowned on Sunday in the Black Sea off the resort of Slanchev Bryag (Sunny Beach), police say.

Society » Incidents | August 10, 2015, Monday // 11:01 | Viewed: 3025

Nine Injured in Sofia-Istanbul Train Incident

Six Romanians and a Bulgarian woman were left injured after a locomotive hit the first carriage of a train from Sofia to Istanbul on Sunday evening, officials say.

Society » Incidents | August 10, 2015, Monday // 08:25 | Viewed: 2730

British Tourist Missing in Sea at Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach Resort

A Brirish national on holiday in Bulgaria is missing after being swept out to sea in the Sunny Beach resort, the BBC has reported

Society » Incidents | August 9, 2015, Sunday // 10:38 | Viewed: 2802

Bulgarian Sailors Stranded at Spanish Port

The crew of a Moldovan cargo ship, part of whom are Bulgarian, are trapped on board at a Spanish port.

Society » Incidents | August 7, 2015, Friday // 14:51 | Viewed: 1752

Firefighters Contain Forest Blaze Near Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach Resort

Firefighters have contained a wildfire north of Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach seaside resort and there is no risk to a holiday village located nearby, BGNES reported on Thursday.

Society » Incidents | August 6, 2015, Thursday // 19:57 | Viewed: 3896

Drunk Driving Rate in Bulgaria at 2.5%, Police Operation Reveals

Bulgarian traffic police have intercepted 158 car drivers sitting behind the wheel after having drunk alcohol in just two days, BGNES reported on Tuesday,

Society » Incidents | August 4, 2015, Tuesday // 15:50 | Viewed: 1963

Wildfire Near Bulgaria’s Lesovo Border Crossing Contained

A Bulgarian Air Force helicopter has helped contain a wildfire near Lesovo village, a checkpoint on the border with Turkey, the Defence Ministry announced on Tuesday.

Society » Incidents | August 4, 2015, Tuesday // 11:47 | Viewed: 1857

Bulgarian Air Force Pilatus PC-12 Safely Lands on Belly, No Injuries Reported  

A Bulgarian Air Force Pilatus PC-12 transport aircraft has landed on its belly at Graf Ignatievo airfield after its landing gear failed, the Defence Ministry said on Wednesday.

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Army Lends Support in Extinguishing Wildfire in Bulgaria's Haskovo Region

The district governor of Bulgaria's Haskovo Dobri Belivanov has requested aid from the Defence Ministry in extinguishing the wildfire raging between the villages of Bryagovo and Ostar kamak.

Society » Incidents | July 29, 2015, Wednesday // 16:03 | Viewed: 1994

Wildfire Rages Near Bulgaria's Boboshevo

A wildfire has been raging near the village of Sopovo, located in the municipality of Boboshevo in western Bulgaria.

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