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Incident at Arms Manufacturing Plant Kills Two in Bulgaria's Kazanlak

Incident at the Arsenal arms manufacturing plant in the Bulgarian town of Kazanlak claimed the lives of two workers on Monday.

Society » Incidents | April 25, 2016, Monday // 11:58 | Viewed: 2491

Fire Engulfs Petrol Station on Bulgaria’s Trakia Motorway

Fire has broken out at a petrol station on Bulgaria’s Trakia Motorway near the city of Plovdiv after a truck hit one of the pumps, the Ministry of the Interior said on Friday.

Society » Incidents | April 22, 2016, Friday // 14:27 | Viewed: 4522

4.2-Magnitude Earthquake Jolts Bulgaria's Nova Zagora

An earthquake measuring 4.2 on the Richter scale has been registered near the town of Nova Zagora in Eastern Bulgaria, seismological authorities say.

Society » Incidents | April 18, 2016, Monday // 10:40 | Viewed: 4527

Miner Dies as Landmass Falls in Bulgaria's Madan

A man lost his life at work after the collapse of landmass at the Borieva mine in Madan, Southern Bulgaria, authorities say.

Society » Incidents | April 16, 2016, Saturday // 12:05 | Viewed: 4262

Crane Crashes down onto Petrol Station in Sofia, Injuring Two People

Two women have been injured when a crane crashed onto a petrol station in Sofia, the Ministry of the Interior said on Thursday.

Society » Incidents | April 14, 2016, Thursday // 19:57 | Viewed: 4990

Bulgarian Police Detain Five Alleged Afghans over Shooting Incident in Sofia

Bulgarian police have detained five people – four men and a woman - claiming to be of Afghan origin after shooting was reported in Nadezhda neighbourhood of Sofia on Tuesday afternoon.

Society » Incidents | April 5, 2016, Tuesday // 17:57 | Viewed: 5238

Central Area of Bulgaria's Ruse Sealed Off over Suspicious Package

Cardboard boxes abandoned in front of a bank have been found in the center of Ruse, Bulgaria's sixth-biggest city, triggering alarm among residents, private NOVA TV broadcaster informs.

Society » Incidents | April 5, 2016, Tuesday // 09:57 | Viewed: 4443

Man Tries to Set Fire to Car Used by Bulgaria MP

A man approached the car of a Bulgarian lawmaker and tried to set it ablaze using a burner, local media outlets report.

Society » Incidents | April 1, 2016, Friday // 13:34 | Viewed: 4310

Abandoned Luggage Triggers Bomb Scare in Central Sofia

An alert sent to the emergency hotline 112 left a key junction in the center of Bulgaria's capital Sofia sealed off for nearly an hour on Monday evening.

Society » Incidents | March 28, 2016, Monday // 22:52 | Viewed: 4447

Bulgarians among Injured in Austria Crash

Seven people, including three children, have been left injured in a crash in the area of Weisskirchen, Austria, local media reports.

Society » Incidents | March 28, 2016, Monday // 20:15 | Viewed: 4508

Bomb Threat Interrupts Movement of Sofia Underground Trains

Bomb threat interrupted the movement of underground trains on section of Sofia metro's line 2 on Tuesday morning.

Society » Incidents | March 15, 2016, Tuesday // 10:03 | Viewed: 5586

Police Detain Suspected Author of False Bomb Threat to Sofia Airport

Bulgarian police have detained a man suspected of making a false bomb threat that had led to extra security measures at Sofia International Airport on Wednesday night, the Ministry of the Interior said on Saturday.

Society » Incidents | March 13, 2016, Sunday // 12:20 | Viewed: 5301

Bulgaria MoD to Raise Donations to Restore Aviation Museum after Fire

Bulgaria’s Defence Staff has launched a donation campaign to restore airplanes damaged by fire at the Aviation Museum in Krumovo, near Plovdiv.

Society » Incidents | March 13, 2016, Sunday // 10:53 | Viewed: 5008

Three Die in Fire In Central Sofia

Two women and a child have died in a fire that broke out in a building in central Sofia, Bulgaria, authorities say.

Society » Incidents | March 12, 2016, Saturday // 10:37 | Viewed: 4680

Sofia Airport Restores Normal Operation After False Bomb Threat

The airport in the Bulgarian capital has restored its normal operation shortly after midnight on Thursday after a false bomb threat led to extra security measures being enforced on Wednesday evening.

Society » Incidents | March 10, 2016, Thursday // 08:35 | Viewed: 5319

Traffic Resumes on Section of Line 2 of Sofia Metro after Incident

Traffic has resumed between Beli Dunav and Maria Luiza stations of the Sofia underground railway, the city hall said on Monday.

Society » Incidents | March 7, 2016, Monday // 15:30 | Viewed: 4717

Man Reportedly Jumps in Front of Underground Train in Sofia

A man reportedly jumped in front of an underground train in the Bulgarian capital on Monday.

Society » Incidents | March 7, 2016, Monday // 12:20 | Viewed: 2228

Bulgarian Truck Driver Stuck in Border Blockade Admitted to Hospital

 A Bulgarian truck driver affected by the blockade staged at the border with Greece was admitted to hospital after feeling unwell.

Society » Incidents | February 25, 2016, Thursday // 13:00 | Viewed: 5738

Fire Ignites in Protected Site in Bulgaria's Tutrakan

A fire burst out in Kalimok Brashlen protected area in the Bulgarian northeastern town of Tutrakan, the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) announced on Tuesday, citing the Ministry of Interior.

Society » Incidents | February 23, 2016, Tuesday // 10:23 | Viewed: 5021

Train Crash in Germany Leaves at Least Several Dead

The collision of two trains in the area of Munich in Bavaria, Germany has killed at least eight people, German police say.

Society » Incidents | February 9, 2016, Tuesday // 10:51 | Viewed: 5050

Romanian Man Dies in Skiing Accident in Bulgaria’s Bansko

A male Romanian skier has died after hitting a rock outside a designate ski run in the Bulgarian winter resort of bansko, BGNES reported on Sunday.

Society » Incidents | February 7, 2016, Sunday // 16:19 | Viewed: 8943