German Chancellor Merkel Vows EUR 500M Loan to Ukraine

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Bulgaria: German Chancellor Merkel Vows EUR 500M Loan to Ukraine German Chancellor Angela Merkel, photo by EPA/BGNES

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has arrived in Kiev on her first visit to the country since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Merkel met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and assured him of Germany’s support. She called for a bilateral ceasefire, stressing that the territorial integrity and prosperity of Ukraine were a key goal of German politics.

The press office of the Ukrainian President informed that the German Chancellor had pledged a loan of EUR 500M to rebuild energy and water supply infrastructure.

Merkel also vowed an additional EUR 25M for refugee accommodation sites. She made clear that no new sanctions against Russia were envisaged so far.

Before heading for Kiev, Merkel had a phone conversation with US President Barack Obama in which both condemned the entry of a Russian convoy reportedly carrying humanitarian aid into Ukraine without Kiev’s permission.

Shortly after Merkel arrived in Kiev, the first trucks of the convoy left Ukraine to return to Russia.

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Kracauer - 27 Aug 2014 // 05:59:07

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RIA News - 27 Aug 2014 // 02:18:41

ДОНЕЦК, 26 авг — РИА Новости. Руководство Донецкой народной республики предлагает окруженным на территории ДНР военнослужащим украинской армии прекратить сопротивление — те, кто сложит оружие, будут переданы украинскому Комитету солдатских матерей или близким родственникам, говорится в заявлении премьера и главнокомандующего вооруженными силами ДНР Александра Захарченко.
В минувшее воскресенье Захарченко объявил о масштабном контрнаступлении сил ДНР. По данным ополчения, в окружении оказались штаб 8-го армейского корпуса, 28-я, 30-я, 93-я механизированные бригады, 95-я аэромобильная бригада, приданные им батальоны территориальной обороны "Айдар," "Донбасс", "Шахтерск", батальоны национальной гвардии "Азов" и "Днепр" и другие части.
Текст обращения размещен на сайте пресс-центра ДНР, в нем содержится призыв к командованию силовой операции на востоке Украины и украинским военнослужащим передать силам ополчения личное оружие, боевую технику и военное имущество.
"Мы гарантируем всем прекратившим сопротивление офицерам и солдатам сохранение жизни и безопасность. Раненым будет оказана необходимая медицинская помощь. Военнослужащие, добровольно прекратившие сопротивление, под обязательство не участвовать в боевых действиях против Донецкой и Луганской народных республик будут переданы представителям украинского Комитета солдатских матерей или матерям (близким родственникам) и получат возможность вернуться

Sir Kenneth - 26 Aug 2014 // 22:34:20

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Optimistic - 26 Aug 2014 // 14:40:12

Warfou, yes I agree war with Russia would be bad.

What is happening now is War.

They will enable Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts to join the Russian Federation through, humanatarian aid and diplomacy.

Eastern Ukraine cannot join the Kiev regime which is murdering them.

Warfou - 26 Aug 2014 // 14:01:21

If Russia enters open war with Ukraine on Lugansk and Donetsk, it will get isolated and share the fate of North Korea (at best). Russian society will not accept this and a new Maidan, this time - in Moscow, is more than guaranteed. The Soviet Union has collapsed because of Afghan war, and Ukraine is much stronger than the mujahedins. Huge losses on both sides would be inevitable. No reason to start a war. Let's live in peace and stop thinking on how to conquer someone else's territory.

Optimistic - 26 Aug 2014 // 12:53:16

Sa sha the Americans must be laughing at Europe going into recession to implement American anti Russian policy.

What is important is Russian leadership is joined up and the people support it.

It will take time for sure but Luhansk and Donetsk Oblasts will join the Russian Federation.

Europe has weak governments that will fall because of the economic stress the Russian sanctions will cause them.

sa-sha - 26 Aug 2014 // 12:33:26

"Anyway, who suffers from Russian sanctions are mostly the Russians"---wishful thinking as the anti-boomerang shield...;-)... or: the launched not by Russiа boomerang sped past and turned back.

Optimistic - 26 Aug 2014 // 11:08:56

Warfou, I do like your post, also the US who is the main leader in the sanctions will not get hurt.

Germany will go into recession because of the sanctions but is strong politically so she will survive.

The governments in France and Italy need growth and further contractions in their economies could bring down their governments.

Yes the Baltics, Sloakia, Bulgaria will suffer, it just needs a country like Hungary to say no to the US and Germany and start trading with Russia, this would bust the sanctions as other countries would join it.


Warfou - 26 Aug 2014 // 10:49:59

Hungary obviously has a bigger GDP than Warsaw but if you take the whole voivodship of Masovia into consideration the situation may change. Nevertheless, Russian counter-sanctions do some little harm to economies of Germany and France and a huge one to the economy of Russia. Prices for basic foodstuffs have risen by 20% (Moscow) to 60% (Kaliningrad). Hundreds of thousand of Russians come every month to Poland for shopping because the prices here are two times lower than there. If you further take into consideration that salaries in Poland are in average 2 times higher, you have a clear view of who suffers what. Russians are in average poor people and spend majority of their income on food. What regards Germans and French, they are, in average, a few times richer than Russians. If you live in a couple and regularly earn 5000 - 7000 Euros a month, you don't care whether you have to pay 100 or 150 euros to heat your house in winter. If Russia stops its gas delivery, they will get if from Katar, Norway or anywhere else. Anyway, who suffers from Russian sanctions are mostly the Russians themselves, next are the less wealthy EU countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Baltics, Bulgaria etc. and the "big bosses" like Germany, France, UK almost do not feel them.

Optimistic - 26 Aug 2014 // 09:23:28

To Robert Warsaw is a city in Poland Hungary is a whole country, the GDP of Hungary is far higher than Warsaw anyone in Europe knows this.

Anyway since the weekend it has been in Western media that the German economy contracted april to june, France is replacing its government because of economic stagnation, Italy said last week it was in recession.

All this before Russian economic sanctions, next quarter these 3 countries will be worse because they are following a US anti Russian policy.

You come on here pushing anti Russian hate, right now in Europe Russia is the only country trying to solve problems through diplomacy the rest use force.

Robert Parker - 26 Aug 2014 // 04:42:04

EDC - For a person that likes to blabber on and on about KBC bank you should at least have a basic comprehension of statistics. Russia has a GDP per capita lower than Peru or South Africa. Just because a country has oil or iron ore doesn't mean it's rich - look at Nigeria. And just because a country has billionaires doesn't mean it's rich - Mexican Carlos Slim is the richest man in the world.....

Optimistic - I'm Canadian and surely not a member of the US Tea Party. I've also happened to live in 5 countries in Europe and 2 in Asia and currently live in your country (that is if you are Bulgarian). Why do you always tag people with that label when they disagree with you or point out inconsistencies or inaccuracies in your posts?

Optimistic - 25 Aug 2014 // 16:23:12

EDC that robert person is an american supporter of the tea party, those people are red neck loonies.

He knows nothing about Russia or Europe.

The German economy contracted in the period april to june it will contract again july to september from Russian sanctions.

The Ukraine is borrowing lots of money right now to fund the murder of its own citizens.

EDC - 25 Aug 2014 // 13:59:30

Russia a POOR country limited resources ?
Wheat, Steel ,Gas ,OIL, Coal, and more Rolls Royce cars in Moscow than any other EU city .
yes i see where you are coming from Robert,
When was the last time you visited Russia ?

Optimistic - 23 Aug 2014 // 22:49:12

Robert you are clearly not from Europe or you would know that Hungary is a significant economy and if it refused to impose sanctions against Russia and traded with it the EU sanctions would start to unravel.

The US does not trade much with Russia so it needs the EU to impose the sanctions.

The US talked about increasing sanctions against Russia over its Humanatarian Peace Convoy to the Ukraine.

I think the US should try because this would split Europe.

The US is a war monger you bomb and kill at will, Russia stopped Syria being bombed and now the US is bombing the people they were going to help by bombing Syria.

Europe is heading into recession over the sanctions with Russia and soon it will get cold here, Europe is not going to freeze over Eastern Ukraine.

Robert Parker - 23 Aug 2014 // 22:29:14

"Hungary is a very large economy"

If having a national economy smaller than the city of Warsaw's GDP is very large for you, then mathematics is surely not your thing. Hahahahahahaahahaahahaha.

Russia is suffering tremendously from the western sanctions and from its own idiotic ban on western foods. Yesterday they had to reverse their own stupid sanctions because they can't buy special foods and food for diabetics from anywhere but the US and Europe.

If Russia continues down this path its economy will be devastated. Ukraine will be fine with help from rich countries like Germany and the US.

Russia has to understand that it is a poor country with limited resources and sanctioning western countries only hurts itself and its very poor inhabitants who will now have to pay 30 to 40% more in the supermarket.

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