Der Standard: Austria Asked Bulgaria to Arrest Peevski

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Bulgaria: Der Standard: Austria Asked Bulgaria to Arrest Peevski Delyan Peevski. Photo by BGNES

Austria has asked Bulgarian authorities to issue an arrest warrant against Bulgarian MP Delyan Peevski, Markus Bernath argues in the daily Der Standard.

However, the Bulgarian Prosecutor's Office denied having received a request to issue an arrest warrant for Peevski.

Austria's National Criminal Intelligence Service (BK) acted after Bulgarian banker Tsvetan Vasilev requested it start an investigation into death threats allegedly involving Peevski.

Der Standard further claims to reveal how Vasilev was threatened.

"I am giving you a last chance. I know where you are. Don't make me do stupid things. I will find you," a text message was purportedly sent from Peevski to Vasilev on Tuesday evening while the latter was in the Austrian capital Vienna.

The article says that Peevski was a "former business partner" to Vasilev, who is "one of the biggest, but also one of the most controversial entrepreneurs in Bulgaria".

Vasilev received a first call on the issue on May 22, when he was again in Vienna, with an anonymous informant telling him Peevski "was looking for a hitman" and would pay USD 5 M for his murder.

After the second threat, the one via SMS, the banker turned to the Austrian BK. Its "Department 3", handling investigation into organized and general crime, is reported by Der Standard's sources to have requested that Sofia issue an arrest warrant against Delyan Peevski.

A BK official did not officially confirm the information. Spokesman Mario Hejl said the institution did not comment on "non-public" operations.

Bernath then argues that with its actions BK seems to involve itself "into the struggle of the two large-scale entrepreneurs from the Balkan country in which more is involved than three-digit-million-worth loan claims: the South Stream gas project, the independence of the Bulgarian judiciary, the implication of Bulgaria's government in the tendering and privatization deals of both entrepreneurs."

"I was blind. Now I am paying the price," Vasilev says, commenting on Peevski's push to control the banker's share in their previously joint ventures.

The article comes just over a week after a probe was launched into alleged murder plot against Delyan Peevski (with the latter arguing Vasilev was involved), for which 3 persons were arrested last week, but released soon after, on accounts of lacking evidence.

Der Standard reminds of Friday's actions of the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), which placed Vasilev's KTB under special supervision upon request by the bank itself, which cited depleted liquidity as a reason.

Changes in the bank are to be discussed starting Monday this week, and they are to involve a boosted participation from minor shareholders such as Russia's VTB, with an injection of EUR 750 M needed according to estimates cited by the Austrian daily.

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Seedy - 25 Jun 2014 // 09:21:34

Gosh, PP - what a funny and naive little universe you live in!

"The demonstrations a few months ago...showed that thousands were prepared to stand up and be counted" - really? It showed that an ever-dwindling bunch of people were prepared to waste their time, often on their way to work, by standing in the street drinking coffee and being ignored by the so-called government. "The next round...will be even stronger", will it? Well it certainly couldn't get any less strong - or any more ineffective.

If you had any grasp of Bulgarian history, you wouldn't waffle on about "many generations to form a democratic state ruled by laws that are respected and honoured by all" - Bulgaria had already been there, done that and got the t-shirt long before many of the countries of Western Europe had even grasped the concept, let alone the practice. And if you're seriously suggesting that "the People prevailed" after the French Revolution or the English Civil War then your understanding of ANY history is clearly gleaned from the august and learned pages of The Sun or The Daily Mail. There is NO country where "laws..are respected and honoured by all"; the human animal is hard-wired to seek to advance the interests of itself and its family/social group above those of others and will only pay lip-service to the law when forced to do so. Any social/political Shangri-la has to defend its own borders against those on the outside who have less or want more, or who wish to demonstrate the superiority of their chosen Imaginary Friend, and also against those on the inside who wish to be parasites on those who create wealth or simply pay taxes.

What this country needs is a new Stambolov (preferably without sharing his fate of being bumped off by the local mutri) or failing that, a new term of office for the worthy-but-disposable Borisov with a mandate to really shake the political and legal trees so that the rotten fruit drops to the ground.

There's no such thing as "natural justice", PP - as Joni Mitchell sang: "That was just a dream some of us had...."

Comrade Sergey - 25 Jun 2014 // 08:10:30

Such talk of civil war is treason! Next time these peasants and GERB funded provocateurs dare take to the streets, Stanishev & Oresharsky should send out the tanks to crush these militants and impose martial law on the country. This is the ONLY way that the democratic freedoms of true Bulgarians will be protected and the rule of law maintained.

peterperfect - 25 Jun 2014 // 07:36:33

Seedy, it is simply because the standard reaction in Bulgaria to any OC or corruption is to simply shrug the shoulder and say "what's new" that it continues to happen. Just because it's always been that way doesn't mean it has to continue and cannot be changed but it is only the people who can affect a change. The demonstrations a few months ago were a start, it showed that thousands were prepared to stand up and be counted, the next round, and it will come, will be even stronger. It takes many generations to form a democratic state ruled by laws that are respected and honoured by all, most of the countries in western Europe are witness to that - read their - histories - in France it took the revolution, in the UK the civil war, blood was spilled but eventually the people prevailed. Not suggesting Bulgarians spill blood, hopefully they can learn by the experiences of others but it may happen. The ruling class should take heed, the more excesses they are exposed to have had the greater will be their fall when the scales of natural justice are balanced. Take heart seedy the time will come and it may be within the decade.

rami kremesti - 24 Jun 2014 // 12:13:10

fantastic !!!! Kudos to Bulgaria!!!!

Seedy - 24 Jun 2014 // 09:04:08

I wouldn't be surprised if Mr Peevski expands his business interests and one day becomes an integral part of the infrastructure of the Struma Highway.....

Seedy - 24 Jun 2014 // 08:46:15

PP - why are you claiming to be so surprised? If you know anything about this country then you'd simply yawn and move onto an article which tells you something new rather than the "same old-same old" that everyone's only too well aware of.....

peterperfect - 24 Jun 2014 // 08:24:57

This story in incredible. Here we are in the 21st century in the (civilised) west in the sophisticated EU and we are talking about contract killing. Maybe Bulgaria doesn't deserve to be part of the EU but needs to be part of the wild west, perhaps we should have a "boot hill" for all those killed by hitmen. I really find all this gob smacking, incredulous and unbelievable, even more so that it is openly reported in the press with no mention that police in the country are involved in investigations. Seems the whole ethos, kudos and culture in Bulgaria is under threat by some who are out of control. Get a grip government this is your countries reputation and credibility that is at stake.

Caliguy - 24 Jun 2014 // 07:22:11

Dude looks like he's missing a chromosome.

The Truth - 23 Jun 2014 // 21:37:05

How dare these Austrian Nazis accuse and persecute a successful young man. Why isnt Tsatsarov demanding that the entire Austrian BK be extradited to face justice in Bulgaria?