EU, US Impose Additional Sanctions on Russia Over Ukraine

World | June 21, 2014, Saturday // 12:42| Views: 1181 | Comments: 11
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Bulgaria: EU, US Impose Additional Sanctions on Russia Over Ukraine Photo by EPA/BGNES.

The US has imposed sanctions against separatists in eastern Ukraine, including asset freezes against seven pro-Russian leaders, as the crisis there shows no sign of easing.

The leaders of France, Germany and the United States agreed on Friday to impose additional sanctions against Russia, if the Kremlin does not pull back its troops from Ukraine's border and try to convince pro-Moscow separatists to lay down their arms, the DW reports.

President Vladimir Putin ordered forces in Russia's central military district to be put on full combat alert for a week.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest called the reports of the new Russian military buildup near the Ukraine border "troubling" and dismissed explanations from the Kremlin that the movement of security forces is related to border security.

"We will not accept any use of Russian military forces, under any pretext, in eastern Ukraine," Earnest said, as quoted by international media.

The Kremlin has stated that the troop movement was routine and NATO member states had been informed beforehand, however the State Department claimed that this was “the closest Russian troops have come to the Ukrainian territory since their invasion of Crimea“.

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Seedy - 25 Jun 2014 // 19:51:45

O-AP, it's not the Warsaw Pact that you're missing so much as a quorum of brain cells to fill at least a little of the empty space between your ears......

Optimistic - 25 Jun 2014 // 18:48:02


Big business in the US does not want sanctions against Russia, basically the Ukraine is not worth getting in the way of US business

France wants its aircraft carriers deal with Russia, the UK wants to keep Russian money in London, German business doesn't want sanctions.

So if there are more sanctions they will be stupid ineffective ones but made with a lot of noise.

Comrades I do miss the USSR and the Warsaw Pact things were more straightforward then.

SJ - 23 Jun 2014 // 20:12:52

This is very patronizing and damn right offensive to Putin: 'Do what we tell you or we put sanctions on you!'
White house wouldn't dare to talk same way to China or Japan.
I don't think this will go down well with Vladimir. Russians are not the type to bend to someone else's will.
Try Lithuanians instead, Obama!

Optimistic - 23 Jun 2014 // 15:12:44

Yes and the people from the Russian Naval Base provided calmness and safety for the Crimea not like the violence that occurs in the Ukraine.

sa-sha - 23 Jun 2014 // 10:57:02

;-)...and since when did SRNB (the Sevastopol Russian Navy Base) become "Mars"?

Lavrov - 22 Jun 2014 // 20:47:19

... Russia did not invade Crimea and the green people there were from Mars, not Russia.

Optimistic - 22 Jun 2014 // 20:28:36

This article is a lie.

Russia did not invade the Crimea, it would be in breach of international law to invade the Crimea, the Crimean people voted to join the Russian Federation and Moscow enabled their democratic wishes to be fulfilled.

Democracy in Eastern Ukraine needs to be protected but the West is very hostile to Eastern Ukranians and Russia who are promoting self determination and democracy in the Ukraine.

sa-sha - 22 Jun 2014 // 11:25:37

.....Dear Ashes of Mr.Chernenko, the deceased General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union,
rest in peace, please, peace to Your "love", Your annoyinity of a fly and Your boring stupidity. RIP.

Politburo - 22 Jun 2014 // 06:33:25

Yes sasha, I agree. Putin should step down from office and hold free and fair elections throughout Russia and offer referendums for the people to secede on a person by person basis. Love, Chernenko

Vladimir K. - 21 Jun 2014 // 17:11:51

Disgusting US, I thought they had finally moved on to Iraq?

sa-sha - 21 Jun 2014 // 16:10:31

Dear Novinite, floods...right now Bg has human victims...problems...What if to stop, at least for the time being, the paranoya about "Additional Sanctions on Russia"? For better understanding, dear Novinite:
- number of killed civilians in South-Eastern Ukraine: more than 1,000 (how many "more"?-nobody knows),
- number of killed children: dozens (how many "dozens"?-nobody knows),
- number of refugees [from Ukraine to Russia], as for June,20,2014: more than 400,000 and each hour more...

...and You are completely out of the idea, right, dearest Novinite? Sunctions on Russia go first. OK. But what if to ask Your Honorable Chief Maxim B* to visit the Ukraine-Russia border? May be it will help him to hear those very "pro-Moscow separatists" in their long queues on the border....and, further, may be, You will text what Mr.B* heard from those desperate people....Or it is out of Your- properly oriented, sure-perseption? Novinite...