Russia Launches Military Drills Simultaneously with NATO's Maneuvers

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Bulgaria: Russia Launches Military Drills Simultaneously with NATO's Maneuvers A soldier in an armored fighting vehicle takes part in the multi-national military Exercise Saber Strike 2014 in Adazi, Latvia, 09 June 2014. Photo by EPA/VALDA KALNINA.

Russian Baltic Fleet, Airborne Troops and Air Force have started drills in the Kaliningrad Region, the Russian Defense Ministry said, Tuesday.

The military exercise is taking place at the same time as the international drills Saber Strike 2014 and BALTOPS 2014 that started in Europe.

"The number the Russian Defense Ministry's troops and equipment involved is equatable with the number of personnel, armaments and military hardware employed in border exercises being conducted by NATO countries," Russian Defense Ministry stated, as quoted by Itar-Tass.

Russian maneuvers involve vessel groups, Airborne Troops and Marine Corps units, Air Force formations, Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers, Mil Mi-24 helicopters and Tupolev Tu-22M3 bombers.

NATO drills Saber Strike 2014 take place on the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia from June 9 to June 20, and BALTOPS 2014 – in the Baltic Sea from June 6 to 21.

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malak petko - 15 Jun 2014 // 21:53:59

Europe will be destroyed because the superpowers do not know how to stop and where to stop..

There are two scenarios for that:
1. USA will sent NATO troops on the ground in Ukraine to protect Kiev.
Russians will send their regular army. At first, it will be a conventional war but very fast, it will become nuclear. (Russia has no missiles to waste for thermal charges). NATO has huge superiority in machinery and manpower but Russians will not surrender Kiev, because for them it is opening the door for destruction of Russia itself.

Also do not be be confused thinking that Russia will allow the Eastern Ukrainian army to be defeated by NATO. Russia consider it its own army.

2. USA achieves its military objectives in Ukraine.
That means interceptor missiles and other installations to be located in the outskirts of Moscow. This will make Russia look very week and USA’s ruling elite will be tempted to push for additional actions against Russia. USA is completely dependent on its military complex and cannot resist such a temptation.

Both scenarios have the same outcome. NATO entering vital living space of the Russians and Russians confronted with overwhelming force use their most credible weapons – the nuclear missile.
There is not a slightest indication that the EU leadership can prevent this. They are blind and only follow advises of various lobbying groups. But the lobbying groups are not responsible for their actions. They simply do what they are paid for.

There must be a hope that NATO can interfere without overreaction from the side of Russia. It is very stupid hope. Practically impossible.