Bulgarian Workforce 2.22 Million in March 2014

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Bulgaria: Bulgarian Workforce 2.22 Million in March 2014 File photo

Bulgaria's workforce was 2.22 million in March 2014, up 0.4% (8500 people) from the same month last year, the National Statistics Institute has revealed.

The biggest increase has been observed in the agricultural sector (6.6%), professional activities and research (3.1%) and information production (2.9%).

A relative decrease has been registered in the fields of administration (6.9 percent) and in water, sewage and waste management (3.4%).

Manufacturing is the sector where most Bulgarians are employed with more than a fifth (21.9%) of the workforce, while "Trade, Car and Motorcycle Repairment" is the category ranking second (17.4%) according to the institute.

Average gross salary was BGN 813 in March, up BGN 33 from the previous month and BGN 19 from January. This makes BGN 796 for 2014's first quarter.

Wages, however, seem to have decreased by 3.9% compared to Q4, 2013.

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sa-sha - 20 May 2014 // 11:07:57

?...well, I simply submitted one Bulgarian author's opinion. He represents~ 2% of the total Bg population? Where have those "2%" been taken from? But OK, I've submitted the other opiniion (EUbarometer) which contained the polls' results. Not my opinion, but Polls Results. It provoked Mr.Yordan's strong irritation. Strange person Mr.Yordan is ;-)

Yordan - 19 May 2014 // 14:00:50

Just to clarify sa-sha since you state I don't put links (i'm not registered and I don't want to be) you can go to the latest Eurobarometer polls which are the most conclusive and reliable and there you will see that 55% of Bulgarians have a positive image of the EU vs. 34% of the EU 28 average, 27% are neutral and 15% negative vs. 26% of the EU28 average.

So to summarise, Bulgarians have actually the most positive image and view of the EU out of all 28 countries.

Quoting from a dark, unknown, unpopular and insignificant person like Dimitar Zdravkov is like me quoting a Russian analyst who says that Russians believe in liberal democracy and in ethnic/religious diversity - maybe 2% of Russians believe in this, but you can't say that's the popular view.

That's all - I have work to do so I'll leave you to argue with yourself and post more propaganda on behalf of the Russian Federation.

Yordan - 19 May 2014 // 13:46:40

Sa-sha, the same polls you quote say that Bulgarians are the unhappiest people on earth, and if you've ever had the good luck to meet a Bulgarian you'll realise that unhappy wouldn't be a word you'd associate with him/her. Bulgarians love to moan about how bad life is for us, when we actually live pretty decently.

I don't think anyone in their right mind in Bulgaria is against the EU under any way, shape or form. Our life has improved drastically. I still remember in the 90s when I wanted to travel to the West having to get in endless queues to get a visa to travel. I still remember how everything imported was very expensive because of import duties. I still remember the lack of highways, the terrible infrastructure and the lack of hope of people.

I was in Serbia and Macedonia not too long ago and they are really in the dumps. Ten years ago they were much better off than Bulgaria but since we joined the EU we are 10 years ahead of them. The business people I met in both countries admitted the same to me without me even saying it. Unemployment in Serbia is over 20%. And if they want to go to the West to work they have to go illegally.

At least here as EU citizens we can freely go to Germany tomorrow and get a job that pays decently. There are like 1 million Bulgarians working in the EU and USA/Canada/Australia.

I wish we wouldn't have corruption, but even countries like Greece and Spain that have been in the EU for over 20 years still have significant corruption.

sa-sha - 19 May 2014 // 11:55:16

Thanks, Yordan, but please, let's leave aside Russia, OK?, the more so that, afaik, Russia has no smallest desire "to change this [Bg] dynamic" ;-)...So, only 2% in Bg have the negative stance to EU and "Polls after polls"
confirm it, right? Can't You submit the relevant links? And what about the following, I quote :
"[Bulgarians are] not so happy about the EU...Less than a third of them (32%) feel the seven years of EU membership has brought about positive change, 17% feel it has been negative while 51% do not believe it has resulted in significant change. On a personal level the results are starker still. Only 15% feel that EU membership has brought positive benefits...Seventy three percent say it has not."/EUobserver, March, 3, 2014/ The full text: http://euobserver.com/eu-elections/123199

Yordan - 19 May 2014 // 11:14:52

Sa-sha, quoting Dimitar Zdravkov in Bulgaria is like quoting Garry Kasparov in Russia: their views and opinions are representative of 2% of the population.

Poll after poll shows that Bulgarians are very happy with being part of the EU. We the people who actually LIVE here, not just post silly views on forums - see the great benefits membership has brought such as infrastructure, healthcare improvements, human resources improvements and above all - the ability to freely work in wealthier countries like Germany, Austria, UK and the Scandinavian countries.

Our membership in the EU did indeed coincide with the terrible global recession of 2008, one year right after we joined the Union. Unfortunately this hit Europe hard and Bulgaria has suffered as a consequence.

But don't mistake the fact that Bulgarians are unhappy with the current state of the economy with being unsatisfied with being part of the EU. Most Bulgarians including myself are very happy to sit at the European table where we belong. Bulgarians are not by their nature fair-weather friends.

I understand that Russia wants to try to change this dynamic but it will not be possible. We already lived for 45 years under Russia's sphere and it set the progress in our country back tremendously. So thank you very much for being so concerned about Bulgaria but please let us Bulgarians decide our own future, you can figure out Russia's.

sa-sha - 19 May 2014 // 10:35:39

!!!! ....My Dear lackey "Vodka", I give You strict order to dissolve Your remarks in Yourself. The care about my English is out of Your servile duties.....;-)
To News Flash: thanks for the post, I share Your "all benefits are perceived to come from the head of [Russian] state", absolutely so, the belief of Russians in the good "Lord and Master" is strong, very strong....but the discussion is not about Russia, it is about Bulgaria in EU. I've submitted the opinion of Mr.Dimitar Zdravkov.
Anyone is free to argue with him. But some forumers (not You) prefer to hiss at that damned "sa-sha".
Isn't it stupid?

Vodka - 18 May 2014 // 17:59:52

Dear sasha,
Thank you for continuing to be my friend. But please don't flaunt it so much with your poorly constructed English sentences. Your grammar exposes our intimate relationship. Passionately your master, Vodka

News Flash - 18 May 2014 // 17:54:05

Listen sasha,
That is the problem with the Russians. They view "alliances" as children that they must control. The world is filled with adults that can think for themselves and make decisions for themselves. It's called informed consent. Russian society, on the other hand, is structured such that all benefits are perceived to come from the head of state. In the west, those benefits are seen to be endowed from "the Creator" as an inheritance (life, liberty) for individuals to pursue what they view as happiness.

Gender Bendee - 18 May 2014 // 17:42:31

Sasha is a woman.

Sha-Sha - 18 May 2014 // 16:43:43

I admit, i am dirty Russki loving commie balkan faggot monkey with putins dick up my ass and nothing between my ears.

sa-sha - 18 May 2014 // 12:52:59

.....and probably those children's children will curse EU as well.....I'm about responsibility. BG leaders, they first of all, bear it, yes, but the EU...Dear EU: Bg is the child accepted by You into Your family. And You inevitably bear the responsibility. And to borrow money is neither enough nor the main....
Q: Bulgaria joined the EU. How has the situation changed?
A: We were destroyed, crushed by EU...They give us some tranches, but what happens to money -no one knows... IMF began to dictate the new economic policy which destroyed the country's economy, industry, agriculture, higher education...And so in all. That's the price for the EU Bulgaria.
Q: What about freedom of speech?
A: It seems to be the freedom of speech and can scold the govt, but not by much. Because it might just happen to have problems at work. And if you have, God forbid, to use the words 'Russia', 'Putin' — timed a week before the wolf ticket to nowhere. Immediately branded a spy, an accomplice and all mortal sins........

The full text in: "The Example of the European Itegration of Bulgaria".

Gunnery Sergeant Hartman - 17 May 2014 // 21:46:16

7.305 million (2012) live in bulgaria , 2.22 million in March 2014, are working, so give or take thats 5 million people who are not working , i'd love to know how the working people genarate enough tax to pay the pensions ,being that there is a lot of tax avoidance here in bulgaria as in most countrys if you can get away with it , also i would like to know were the money comes from to pay the unemployed there 40 lev every month , this country is heading for a fall when the people they are borrowing money wants it back . -

I agree. All the new 4x4 cars bought on credit using stolen E.U money destined for the people..Soon the money cow will stop giving you it's golden milk.

Then you must pay the piper.

Think long and hard on this.

Your grandchildren will curse you for not taking the chance to improve Bulgaria

Go back to your gazebo' drinking rakia and salad. Telling stories of how long you suffered under the Turks

Blame everyone else that your roads are full of pot holes , your water is not potable and your electric is not stable

LIE that you invented nearly everything


kinhell - 17 May 2014 // 14:54:29

7.305 million (2012) live in bulgaria , 2.22 million in March 2014, are working, so give or take thats 5 million people who are not working , i'd love to know how the working people genarate enough tax to pay the pensions ,being that there is a lot of tax avoidance here in bulgaria as in most countrys if you can get away with it , also i would like to know were the money comes from to pay the unemployed there 40 lev every month , this country is heading for a fall when the people they are borrowing money wants it back .

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