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DPS: Delyan Peevski Is Most Suitable For MEP

Politics » EUROPEAN ELECTIONS 2014 | April 9, 2014, Wednesday // 10:43| Views: 1096 | Comments: 7
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Bulgaria: DPS: Delyan Peevski Is Most Suitable For MEP Delyan Peevski. Photo: BGNES

Delyan Peevski - the controversial Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) MP is a very suitable candidate for the European Parliament, said DPS members. 

In the past several days Peevski, whose appointment for head of the Agency for National Security (DANS) last summer, sparked anti-government rallies, which lasted for months, was nominated for the MEP ballot of DPS by the party organizations in Kurdzhali, Smolyan and Haskovo. 

According to the party members Peevski was “young, well educated and successful”, which makes him most suitable for the European Parliament. 

“Personally I nominated Mr. Delyan Peevski,” said Bayram Bayram, the chairperson of the youth organization of DPS in Kurdzhali, in an interview for Nova TV. “The motives are many, but for me the most important is that he hasn't done anything bad and represents the interests of our voters very well in Parliament.”

Recently Bulgarian-language media reported, that Peevski is one of the MPs who are at their working place in Parliament very seldom.

“There are many politicians who own a business, there is nothing wrong in that,” Bayram said. “I don't know what exactly is Mr. Peevski's business, but let the institutions decide if there is something fishy.”

Salih Arshinski – head of the regional council of DPS in Smolyan said that Peevski was a very successful man and there are no obstacles for his nomination. “We think that with his experience and capacity he would contribute to the better absorption of EU funds in Bulgaria.”

According to Arshinski, the protests against Peevski were staged by the former ruling party. In Arshinski's words the three most positive qualities of Peevski are that he is “young, well educated and successful”.

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je suis anglais - 13 Apr 2014 // 22:00:00

"The motives are many, but for me the most important is that he hasn't done anything bad and represents the interests of our voters very well in Parliament"

so basically the best you can offer isn't that he's of any use whatsoever, but that so far no criminal charges against him have stuck, and by never being in parliament, it exactly mirrors how much interest the folk paid 5lv for their vote actually take in the running of the country.

Bulgaria is F$%KED!

je suis anglais - 13 Apr 2014 // 21:57:10

the fat piggie has heard from his fellow selanduri in ataka that the restaurants in brussels serve great food, and you don't even have to pay! Oink Oink, out of the way! Piggy want to feed at the trough!

Mat - 13 Apr 2014 // 18:16:21

Absolutely, a perfect candidate. Anything that keeps him one day out of Bulgaria is one day when he can't be screwing things up for the Bulgarian people here

Caliguy - 10 Apr 2014 // 20:09:33

This guy is the epitome of a Bulgarian of course he belongs in the EU parliament.

Behemoth2.0 - 10 Apr 2014 // 15:14:51


you have a very "interesting" concept of democracy. A mobster as a MEP is ok, but people who protest against his being a candidate (a democractic right, maybe not according to you but according to the Bulgarian constitution) are denounced by you as foolish communists. Yes, a really interesting concept of "democracy". And yes, indeed very foolish (I mean NOT the protesters) .

Democracy - 9 Apr 2014 // 13:12:55

So there is protest because someone is a candidate for MEP?

Is it just me or does that sound like protesters don't want democracy but more a system like communism?
What you say? The same people also chant that communism is bad?
Well, that makes it completely foolish then I think.

dabu - 9 Apr 2014 // 10:52:18

I bet he would "absorb" EU funds like a Hoover! Is someone taking the piss here or are these comments/quotes for real?